Los Fuegos

 lørdag 26. november 2016
 Kl. 21:30 - 02:00
 Døren åbnes kl. 19:00
Dør: 125,00 kr.

 Forsalg: 75,00 kr.

Los Fuegos are a multicultural band located in Denmark. Their music gravitates towards a multicultural concept that displays elements from their own culture and musical background.  

Their original material emphasizes on problematics that reflect their reality and condition as immigrants in a foreign country. They flow within different dynamics and various styles; the wild ecstatic energy of balkan music, the raw instinctive feeling of cumbia, the waving flow of reggae and the aggressive phrasing of rock.  

Their music is an invitation to explore different creative nuances, to think out of the box, to get out of the comfort zone and to speak the language we all have in common in a world with no borders and no language barriers. They represent a different approach to living and interacting in the globalized world. 

Their ultimate goals are to open their audience towards foreign forms of art and to achieve local and international recognition. Stop thinking mainstream and start thinking Fuego!!! 

Julian Maraboto (Mexico): voice, guitar
Amila Jusufagic (Bosnia): harmonica
Rasmus Due Olesen (Denmark): bass
Lass Skak (Denmark): drums
Mario Casas (Colombia): electric guitar


Rampelys · Bindslevs Plads 6 · 8600 Silkeborg · info@rampelys.dk · Cvr: 30 03 87 89